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More werewolf story sketches! Man, I am having a lot of trouble with eyes lately. I don’t know why that is.

I think I want the story to go a little darker than what I’ve been drawing- give poor Lanyon something to really worry about. But it’s hard for me to get ahold of a story, especially with a new character, unless I can draw them in shorthand for short character sketches like this. Still working on that werewolf….

Trying to get more dynamic with my use of color. :x I feel like color is an area where I’ve really stagnated for a while. I don’t actively think about it unless I am forced to use a limited palate (basically, when I have to make a film and have to do a ton of backgrounds really quickly) but those always end up being the things I like most.

Sooooo here’s a sketch of Mr. Edward Hyde. One day I’ll figure out how to color his hair!

This episode nearly killed me. Just such beautiful and beautifully worded truth about life and relationships and the awkward anxiety of it all?! Ugh! Science.

Cecil and Carlos. Seriously what the hell are they. Those damnable Nightvale writers make it sound so easy to write LGBT representation into genre stories and, oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s easier in radio! But for someone working in animation, their relationship is just this far off beacon of light (above the Arby’s) of what could be (if only those darn StrexCorp execs would stop trying to kill us).

How to make Mendl’s Courtesan Au Chocolat from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Photoset for The Glass Scientists (and GLOOMLORD) sketchbook 2.0! I’ll be selling these at Wondercon 2014.

I’ve added a lot more stuff to the book and (in my opinion) really snazzed up the presentation and overall fanciness with homemade borders and nicer font faces. Also, heads up, I gave Rachel the wrong last name. Her full name is Rachel Pidgley but I wrote it as Rachel O’Reilly because she was originally a riff off the character Mary Reilly from the slightly silly book and movie of the same name.

Preview of the second artbook I will be selling at Wondercon 2014!

This book has a lot of fanart and short film development work- so lots of Kagemono, but not much Jekyll and Hyde! For mad scientist funtimes please check out my first sketchbook. :)

I’m thinking of starting The Glass Scientists off with a mini-comic about Jekyll and Lanyon (as teenagers) encountering a wounded werewolf. Jekyll … gets kinda into it.

I may have mis-labeled Jekyll- he is not so much bisexual as werewolfsexual. Or werewolf-romantic. Bisexual werewolf-romantic. Also the werewolf is probably going to be female. Jekyll just mis-genders everything on the first go-around.

I’m going to have a small booth at Wondercon 2014! I’ve never attended Wondercon before and this is only the second convention I’ve ever participated in, so of course I am very nervous! D: If you are attending, please do drop by!

 I am going to be selling lovely new high-quality art prints this time around in 8.5x11 and 11x17 sizes, with really lovely silky paper quality that I just discovered. I have updated both of my art books with new work and I will be selling them here first before they go online. :3 They’re short runs again, so don’t hesitate if you want one! (Previews of the new pages coming soon~)

I also have new wooden shadow mouse and Beopup charms. I never know if those charms will sell but they’re really fun to make and the new material looks lovely!

Captain America: TWS thoughts!

I went into this movie expecting nothing and I came out happy and confused about why I was happy! It had so happened that twice during that week I had dreams about Trigun, and somewhere during Act 2 Steve Rogers and Vash the Stampede became fused in my mind. And now I find that guy weirdly attractive?? Anyway:

-I liked how it played a simple, idealistic main character against a by-now typical “gritty” storyline of government conspiracies and endless plot twists.

I feel this contrast made Steve a more likable character and gave the conflict a nice emotional heartbeat. It was more, “omg poor Steve! he believed in America so much and now it’s disappointing him!” and less “Yeah we can’t trust the feds because illuminati! Welcome to the real world, sheeple!!!!”

That link going around claiming that a mean, cynical Captain America would have been better … baffles me! We already have a cynical Batman reboot, a cynical Superman reboot, and even a cynical Spiderman reboot. Now I don’t think optimistic is better or worse than dark and gritty, but in a climate filled with Dark superhero movies, casting Captain America as naive and honest is much more subversive than whatever the heck was going on in The Ultimates.

-women and minorities yay!

Spoilers in the dooblidoo:

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Part 2 of the Lodgers post! There are about 14 other resident Lodgers but I am bad at variety in character design so they will come … later.

I think I had an Ask a while back asking whether Griffin, the Invisible Man, would be part of the story. Griffin has always struck me as the, er, brattiest of the Victorian mad scientists (or: least sympathetically treated by the narrator) so I imagine him to be a kind of problem child for Dr. Jekyll. He’s not very good PR for the Society- always scowling and pouty, with not a great deal to show for his efforts.

I recommend reading up on early aeronauts- those guys were craaaazy!