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Stan and Goldy go to Las Vegas

In case you needed another post showing off the gorgeous layout and color work by the Gravity Falls art team, in an effort to legitimize my dumb gags

Here’s a tiny section of rough boards I did for Soos and the Real Girl. I was super nervous, since this was my first episode, and some of these drawings are fairly mortifying. x.x I don’t know how Paul Robertson was able to interpret some of those Giffanies.

I was happy to get the section of Soos and Giffany in the mall because it has this nice little emotional beat of social anxiety —> comfort of the familiar.

Uh oh! Sexism Emergency!

Hi I really love your storyboards and I’m a high school student and I think I just dealt with some sexism from an art teacher and I was wondering how women in the industry deal with that kind of stuff. I mean I’ve taken classes at art colleges that dealt with comics and art but when I talked to him about making comics he acted as if I had no business making them It was more than just trying to teach me it felt like he had some kind of personal grudge I’m still gonna make comics but it felt weird

Uh oh! Looks like a sexism emergency! You can avoid trouble if you say these simple words:

Unfortunately, sexism IS a widespread problem in the comics and animation industry. One particularly troublesome part of that sexism is that it often isn’t obvious. You’re fairly unlikely to find a professional comics artist who will say, “I hate you because you’re a woman! Ladies are always inferior to men!” Institutional sexism is often hidden in coded language, subtle jabs, and unwelcoming attitudes that often leave the victim with a vague feeling of unpleasantness or “weirdness.” This can make the incident difficult to explain to others (especially dudes- sorry guys!).

If your teacher is being sexist, then you shouldn’t have to just sit there and put up with it. Now, I’m not terribly good at confronting authority figures directly, so I can’t give too much advice in that arena. What I generally find more helpful is to seek out others who have experienced similar situations (or are just generally good listeners) and have a good “sit-‘n’-bitch” session to vent your feelings and get validation for your experience. It’s not good to feel isolated in your emotions!

To clarify, though, I’m not advocating that whole mentality of: “If you don’t like your sexist work environment, don’t complain! Just leave!” Obviously, if every woman did that, then there would be, like, no women in comics and nothing would ever change. If this class is really special and you can learn things here that you couldn’t learn anywhere else, then I suggest you stick with it and challenge your teacher. But if not, there are a LOT of great teachers in the world, and a lot of good classes. If your current class is making you uncomfortable, look for other options- you don’t need to waste your emotional energy on some random jerk.

Before boarding Soos and the Real Girl, we had a couple of days to think up some concept for the new characters in the episode.

Alonso came up with the final design for Melody pretty much instantly, and I played around with some Giffany concepts, because if I were allowed I would only ever draw villain characters from now until the end of time. Villains are just super interesting, okay??

We didn’t have the full script at the time, so for these early sketches I played around a bit with what kind of person Giffany might be. I always end up overthinking things like: Did Giffany start off as an evil video game or did she slowly turn into one? It must be pretty sad to be constantly returned back to the store, it’s like a life of … infinite rejection. I think that’d make anyone crazy. @_@

It’s a bunch of unnecessary navel-gazing, but I’d like to think that maybe some of that pathos shows through in the drawings. IDK! :P


The life of a Grunkle is never boring

One of my assignments on this episode was to come up with gags for: “Grunkle Stan and Old Goldie Go to Vegas.” It was a quick assignment but also a surprisingly tough one for me, because I have only been to Vegas once and according to some (lots) I Hate Everything Fun. I figure it’s the equivalent of asking an ace person to write a comic about how much they personally love having sex with other people.

So I hope I did it justice?? I probably didn’t! I noticed one commenter who was disappointed they didn’t see a Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas reference, and yeah that is totally a missed opportunity. *headdesk*

By random chance, I also ended up doing the linework on the final images for this sequence. It was my first time ever drawing Grunkle Stan on model and I’d like to formally apologize for these drawings right here. He is actually adorable to draw tho, especially when you can see his floofy hair.


It’s Bi Visibility/Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Learn more and find ways to celebrate in your community here. Fellow bisexuals, I salute you! 



Soos and the Real Girl marks my first episode storyboarding for Gravity Falls!

I was so nervous, I had no idea what I was doing back then. Thank goodness for our wonderful, hilarious director Matt Braly ( radrappy ) for being SO patient and so encouraging. Thank you Matt!!

On this episode, I board alongside the INCREDIBLE  Sabrina Cotugno ( arythusa ) and Alonso Ramirez. They’re both so insanely talented and kind. I was starstruck from day 1 and still am!

Enjoy the silly fruits of our labor!

Soos and the Real Girl premieres Monday, September 22 on Disney XD at 8:30 PM! Check your local listings!!!

Boy meets Manic Pixel Dream Girl in “Soos & The Real Girl” premiering tomorrow! 

We both ended up doing pixel flower pictures XD Yay!

Anonymous asked
Fyi the kimono sous is in in your advert is on backwards- the front flaps should form a y shape around the neck where his are a backwards y. Thats only used for corpses

"Thats only used for corpses"

Oh, I see. That was an accident! OR WAS IT?

(It actually was an accident- I’m one of those people who has a really hard time telling left from right in any context so I mess this stuff up all the time. But I do like this foreshadowing better.)

New episode of Gravity Falls TONIGHT!!

This was my first episode as a board artist! I will post one of my sequences after the episode airs :D

I think it was Alonso’s idea to put Soos in a traditional Japanese wedding robe. Not sure if that scene made it into the final cut?? But it was cute!

Anonymous asked
Hey Sabrina! Since you happen to be a Storyboard artist for Gravity Falls, I bet you already know all about the Sock Opera Episode. Now, people have been comparing Bipper to Jekyll and Hyde, so what is your opinion on this matter? Also, what do you think of the episode in general?

The most ironic thing is I didn’t see it coming the entire time the episode was in production! Only when all the fanart started showing up did I realize “Oh, duh! This is gonna be HUGE with the creepy-cute, villain-loving side of Tumblr!”

Okay, so *puts on nerdy classes, snort*. If I’m gonna get technical here, demonic possession-and this particular incarnation of it-is pretty far away thematically from the themes in Jekyll and Hyde. But the appeal of Bipper may come from a similar place: There’s this delightful dissonance to seeing a character who physically looks the same, but acts like someone totally different. And Bill’s manic trickster personality reminds me of a lot of my favorite incarnations of Mr. Hyde, as well as my favorite description of him in the book: “And yet I found it in my heart to pity him, so wonderful was his love of life.”

(That may be slightly paraphrased? It’s from the Anthony Warlow album.)

As an aside, Bipper’s first scene is one of my favorite examples of character work in all of Gravity Falls. It’s such a creative take on Bill and a great illustration of his playfulness mixed with a total ignorance of human mortality.