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So yesterday Cat surprised me at dinner with these mindblowing gifts!

My jaw pretty much unhinged itself and I think I had to do a double take (especially because I have my own needlefelted version of the shadow-mouse). They are of course handmade accessories designed after the characters from my fourth-year film Kagemono!

The Beopup scarf is made by her friend Marie

And the shadow mouse earrings are sculpted by Carling!

Cat, could you give me a URL to link to for the scarf, so that people may go worship there? :3 Thanks. And of course I will be drawing gift art in order to show my deep gratitude!

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    Okay, so I’m a little bit of a scatterbrained person. But, thankfully, there are friends of mine who aren’t! The last...
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    i have that scarf too, but as a yellow kitty
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    You’re very welcome! :D Beopup has always been eminently scarf-worthy, so I asked my friend Maire to make a scarf in the...
  8. tozoku said: oh my goshh those are just too great! <3 (also you’re a cutie pie jus’ sayin’)
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    how could you be so cruel, mal I mean really IS THIS NOT ALSO A DUCK FACED WOMAN?? COULDN’T YOU LIVE WITH AHIRU??? THEY...
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    Cute as those gifts are, and awesome as those gifts are… you’re getting dangerously close to duck-face in that bottom...
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