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More les’bins*! 

This is the same couple from this post, now in Technicolor and in a slightly more story-based context! 

DINA: Most Empire citizens want to stamp out the evil vermin of the Dark Kingdom, but not Dina! She believes that everyone is good at heart, which must mean that everyone secretly wants to join the Empire! As a Knight of Light, Dina has made it her mission to travel the Dark countryside spreading her gospel of sunshine and rainbows.

A “little slip up” involving Avery Grey gave her faith a good shaking recently, but this has only made her more determined to prove herself right with Haruki. She knows that buried deep within him must be a fun-loving rapscallion, and she’s going to find it at any cost!

INARA: Dina’s girlfriend, Inara, was born in the Dark Kingdom but skipped town the first chance she got. In time she rose through the elite ranks of the Empire, but the road there wasn’t easy. She used cold determination and a snarky attitude to pull herself up, and frankly, she’s not too eager to see Dina giving lazy refugees like Haruki an easy way out. Still, she cares a lot about Dina and respects her ideas, even if they are totally wrong.

*I should point out that Inara is bisexual, but there’s never an appropriate time to bring that kind of thing up in a story. Since the couple stays together throughout the entire story, the only way I could really clarify that would be if Inara announced it to everyone, apropos to nothing: “Oh um yeah so I’m not actually 100% gay … just so you know. No, that’s not related to anything, just wanted to clarify.” 

Also all my characters are kinda bisexual/pansexual/whatever unless otherwise stated.

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